Finomial CTO Bill Wilder Speaks at SecureWorld Boston March 23

Focusing on the theme of Surviving the Siege: Medieval Lessons in Modern Security, Finomial CTO Bill Wilder speaks at SecureWorld Boston.

SecureWorld Boston focuses on the principles of fortification that are similar to Medieval fortresses. The great castles of antiquity were ingeniously designed to protect their inhabitants from persistent enemy threats. Their carefully planned and creative defensive measures provide rich metaphors for today’s cyber guardians. The lessons for securing and applying sophisticated digital fortresses are covered.

Bill Wilder is the Chief Technology Officer at Finomial. In his more than 25-year career in software Bill has held technical leadership and consulting roles with many organizations, ranging from small startups to very large enterprises. Early on, Bill was a software development manager at Lotus in their business data division, and more recently at Fidelity Investments served as SOA architect within their institutional business unit then served as enterprise architect driving Microsoft .NET development standards and practices with senior architects from across the company. Bill is recognized by Microsoft as a Windows Azure MVP and an Azure Insider, and is the author of the book Cloud Architecture Patterns.