Finomial CEO Meredith Moss Speaks at ACAMS April 3

To navigate compliance’s unprecedented challenges, AML professionals have three clear strategies: innovate, integrate, motivate. ACAMS 22nd Annual International AML & Financial Crime Conference covers the challenges and strategies. Participants gain invaluable insights into tech innovations transforming AML – and practical strategies for using them. Critical issues of integration of oversight functions across business lines to strengthen defenses against cybercrime, sanctions violations and other threats are presented, as well as creating a cohesive culture of compliance.

Meredith Moss founded Finomial Corporation in 2010 and serves as its Chief Executive Officer and served as its Executive Director. At Credit Suisse, Ms, Moss witnessed the challenges in capital activity processing faced by the alternatives industry and went on to found Finomial to solve this problem. She drove Reuter’s position in the equities markets during the transition from paper tickets to electronic trading, first as product manager for buyside and sellside equities trading platforms, and then as head of the Institutional Equities business, with a $230 MM P&L. As lead strategist for Equities Technology at Lehman Brothers, she drove priorities and spending of a $500MM budget. She started her 20-year career at Monitor Company. She graduated with honors from Brown University and holds an MBA from Harvard Business School.